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Used Machinery
Sagita Beyeler 3M x 6mm Guillotine

Sagita Beyeler 3M x 6mm Guillotine
Swing Beam
1M backgauge
Interlocked rear Fence
Blades re-sharpened
Good condition
Available Immediately
Price £ 6,650.00 + VAT

Bomar STG 320 DG Bandsaw
Semi Automatic
540 x 320mm rect. Capacity
320mm Diameter
Double Mitre 60 deg.
34mm Blade
Variable Bandspeed
Good Condition

Availabile 2 weeks

Bomar STG 320 DG

Kingsland 55XS Kingsland Linear Rail Kingsland 55XS Refurbished

Kingsland 55XS Steelworker
C/w 4M Linear Rail with DRO & positional stops
Double footpedal
6 sets Round Punches & Dies
Rail has 22 adjustable stops
Can be activated with push button at the control
Or when the locator drops into the stop
Or via the digital Readout
Good condition
Available 4 - 6 weeks

Price serviced, run & checked £ T.B.A.

Price Steelworker Reconditioned £ T.B.A.

Kingsland 45XA

Kingsland 45T Steelworker
Single footpedal
Partially Refurbished
New pivot bushes
New Flap guards
New Isolator
New Stripper
New one shot lub pump
All blades sharpened
6 sets Round Punches & Dies
V good condition
Available Immediately
Price £ 3,850.00 + VAT

Sahinler BS42 Power Feed Pillar Drill
35mm capacity in MS
Geared Head
12 Speeds
3 powered feeds
LV light
Good Condition

£ 2,350.00 + VAT
Available immediately

Sahinler BS42 drill

Pollard 4 Bank Drills

Pollard 4 Bank Drilling Machines

4 x Electronic Motors
Each motor 8 Speeds
Each head power feed
Rise & Fall Table
Good Condition

£ 1,300.00 + VAT
Available 1 week

Strand S28 Drilling Machine

Geared Head
Rise & Fall Table & Head
Choice of 2
Good Condition

£ 850.00 + VAT
Available immediate

Strand S28 Drill

32mm Mandrel tube bender
3 Phase machine
plane of bend
4M tube length
5 sets various tool sets
Good Condition

Price £ T.B.A.
Available 2 weeks

Mandrel Tube Bender

NEW - Pair Guillotine Blades
For use on Elga Hydrashear
2500mm x 10mm or 12mm machine
68 x 20mm section
with 13 x 5/8" UNC Tapped Holes

£ 550.00 O.N.O.
Available immediately

Elga Guill Blades

WNS Lockformer
3 Phase
Pittsburgh Lock Rolls
Double Seam Rolls
7 Station
1.6mm Capacity (16swg)
Good Condition

Price £ 1250 + VAT
Availabile immediately

WNS 16swg Lockformer

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